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I had a lot of fun with Ms. Kelley and we used our imaginations, which I LOVE! My favorite is the clay and making the pictures that help me understand what the words mean. Ms. Kelley helped me to make my platform stronger with less cracks in it, so the words would quit slipping through!

Emily – age 10

Our daughter’s confidence has grown tremendously and her ability to share with us what she needs to be a successful learner is wonderful. Being able to share with teachers small things that can help her be a fully engaged learner is one of the many gifts we were given. We started the school year with less trepidation and as we head into parent teacher conferences we are no longer filled with dread and fear. After her first evaluation with the reading specialist this year, she is reading at grade level! She is excited to continue to work on her “trigger” word list after feeling successful for the first time in years. As a family we have definitely learned together and see growth in our daughter on many levels. Thank you!

Dawn and James – Parents

Kelley is such a blessing to our family! Over a few conversations she helped us recognize that our son's learning and coping issues could be dyslexia. She had me read the book "The Gift of Dyslexia" and the light switch was turned on. Everything I read was so familiar. Kelley then worked with him over a course of 5 days during this last summer. In that time we started seeing a whole new person. He is now able to focus at school better and his grades are improving. He is able to set goals and work hard to achieve them where he could not before. We have discussions about his feelings for the first time in his life. Kelley's counseling not only helped him but all of the family as well. All of us have benefited from some of the exercises Kelley taught our son. Our understanding of dyslexia has changed from just reading issues to how we all perceive the world. Thanks Kelley!

The Wesselman's - Parents

My son's battles/tantrums are mostly over - he calms down with the "tools" you taught him and I don't "hover" anymore - he's in charge of himself! His attitude at home is so much better and responsible. Each night he reads 20 min on his own, writes something (spelling, journal or wall of fame practice) and does a homework page. THANKS so much!!!

Mother of 9 year-old client

I have always struggled with math. In high school it almost prevented me from graduating. When I entered college, I took the same math class over and over. Then I heard about the program Kelley was teaching and spent my summer working through it with her. I am proud to say that I just received my first math test back and I obtained a 92% and I am now able to comprehend math concepts without help. This program really works! Thank you Kelley!

Hailey - age 25

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