Participating in Sports can be a POSITIVE LIFE Experience


On Saturday afternoons, across the country, one will find gymnasiums and playing fields full of friends and family gathered as spectators, cheerleaders, and coaches. Whether it be gymnastics or soccer–t-ball or football, there is an expectation that our children will participate in an organized sport sometime in their childhood. Sports is a social outing for the whole family. Being a “soccer mom” has become a badge of honor. Participation in sporting activities is a rite of passage of today’s childhood and family experience.

For the family with a child struggling with learning, attention or behavior, this typically fun and exciting adventure is often accompanied by stress and anxiety. When your son or daughter has trouble following directions, joining in an unfamiliar group, or is especially uncoordinated, sports activities can be overwhelming. Being aware of some of the ways learning, attention and social challenges may cross over into sports challenges is the first step in helping your child (and family) have a successful sporting experience. Here is a link to a helpful list  Learning and Attention Problems That Cause Sports Challenges

Many important physical and social skills are learned through participation in sports and all children should have the opportunity to participate and excel. When parents address potential issues BEFORE they arise both the child and parent benefit. In this situation, we fall back on Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Being proactive will give your child the best opportunity to enjoy and get the most out of his/her sporting involvement. 9 Steps to Getting Kids With Learning and Attention Issues Involved in Sports

For more information about programs offered that help individuals internalize the tools needed to overcome learning and attention struggles (dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD) check out our Services page.

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