Davis® Dyslexia Correction

Reading Mastery: Giving dyslexic students the ability to think with symbols and words, so they can learn to read easily and with full comprehension.

Davis® Math Mastery

Dyscalculia: Providing tools to correct problems learning math which is sometimes called dyscalculia and can often accompany dyslexia and ADHD symptoms.

Davis® Autism Approach

Autism: A one-on-one non-invasive, gentle approach designed to allow autistic individuals to participate more fully in life.

Davis Concepts for Life

Life Skills:  The Davis® Concepts for Life program is designed to enhance the lives of those who are not on the autistic spectrum.

Davis® Attention Mastery

ADD/ADHD: Providing effective tools to help adults and children age 8 and over address attention, behavioral, or organizational difficulties and obstacles.

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