My husband and I  retained Kelley’s professional services for our elementary-aged daughter who was struggling with academics. I am myself a past early elementary teacher with many years’ experience teaching children to read, but I was unable to find the tools to help my own daughter succeed. After spending one week with Mrs. Phipps in November 2017, my daughter came home armed with unique tools that proved successful not only in her advancing several reading levels over the next few months but also in an increased self-confidence and peace that has continued since then.

We returned to Mrs. Phipps for more training for our daughter in mathematics in October 2018. This has also proven successful for us. We have been able to incorporate the tools Mrs. Phipps taught us in various aspects of our daughter’s life, not just academics. Her ability to find the right tools to meet needs, as well as the overall belief that all kids are able to learn and be successful has changed our daughter’s academic experience and her perception of herself as well, giving us all hope for the future.

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