The Struggle With Focus, Attention, Self-Control and Order

The Davis® Attention Mastery program is designed to help individuals who struggle with focus, attention, self-control, and order. Individuals may have an official diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) or may simply feel they have the characteristics and have self-diagnosed. Either way, Davis® Attention Mastery can help!

During a program, the client is taken through a series of exercises to develop tools which bring about the ability to focus, regulate self-energy, and create an overall sense of well-being. Then, the client is led to understand the developmental concepts of:

self, change, consequence, cause, effect, before, after, time, sequence, order, and disorder

All of which are necessary to gain executive functioning skills.

The program culminates with the client learning the steps necessary to establish order and create order in his/her environment, which allows for the development of responsibility and follow-through.

Clients complete the program with a plan for personal follow-up and necessary accommodations to ensure their new skills become deeply rooted in their lives. Clients receive a kit containing all materials needed to continue the practice of Davis techniques.

Support and Encouragement

Client support is a vital part of the Davis® Attention Mastery Program. Parents are encouraged to learn about the tools and concepts and are encouraged to debrief with the facilitator daily. Support training is provided for parents, teachers and any other individuals within the client support circle.


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